Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Last Post.......

So my hubby and I decided that the Internet is sucking out our souls and making us zombies. With that said this will be my last post. I am very sad about this but I have to say the spirit has made it clear to me that this is the right thing to do. You can not argue with that.
I hope you will all still think of me and call me often. Love to you all........

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Like gag me with a spoon!!!

So my friend Melanie is sooooo fun! She loves to do BIG parties and plan things she is a great organizer. Her hubby just turned 40 so she threw a surprise party for him. And not just any party an 80's murder mystery party. IT WAS SOOOOOOO FUN!!!
Debbie Gribson, Teen Wolf, Spunky Brewster. Scab Face,
Polly Abdool Our Hostess with the mostest!! And El Vampira
Everyone got a character from the 80's. I was Debbie Gribson (Debbie Gibson) and Brian was Howard Scott (Teen Wolf) There were so many fun Characters and it turns out that Lyndi Lauper (Cindy Lauper) killed Alligator Dundee (Crocodile Dundee) with a Rubik's Cube!! So FUNNY!!!! When he came out with the Rubik's Cube stuck to his head I almost peed my pants. AHHHH GOOD TIMES!!
Alligator Dundee (victim) Lyndi Lauper (murderer)
My SEXY HOT hubby!!!
So I realized I was having soooo much fun that I didn't take very good pictures. Sorry and I didn't get everybody. there were 11 different couples. All with a part and unique name. BRAVO MELANIE!! It was a blast!!!

First Day of School!!

Most moms dread the first day of school. They will miss their kids being home, blah, blah, blah!!! NOT ME!!! WHOOOO HOOO!!
Let my vacation begin!!!
My best friend Tye and I decided to do a hot chocolate and donut party for the kids, we wanted them to think we were "sad" they were leaving!! They all pounded the goodies and laughed and tolerated "picture time" when the bus pulled up I tried real hard not to shout HOOOORRAYYYY!!! and watched them march on to the big yellow limo.....
Yeah we got on the bus!! we are CRAZY like that here!!
WE WERE BOTH JUMPING FOR JOY!!! AHHHH what a great day!!!
Emi was so excited to get a donut, and loved seeing the bus... She was happier when she discovered she had me all to herself!!

Parker is 10 and starting the 5th grade. He is such a good kid and is soooooo excited for his teacher Mr. Despain. Kenna LOVED him and got Parker all jazzed about this year. Parks looks sooo much like his daddy. Sooo handsome!!!

Kenna is 12 and starting 7th grade!!!( Middle school ) She is soooo beautiful I want her to stop growing. This is the year that makes or breaks you. I know she will do great things, and ignore the "Mean Girls" at school cause we all know they are out there!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


12 years ago I was getting ready to watch the Monster truck show at the fair, I was sooooo excited! However.... Makenna had other plans!! It was a looooong day, needless to say I am happy to have her here, and I am fine with missing the monster trucks.

I can not believe my baby is 12, YOUNG WOMEN'S! AHHHHHH!!! I am getting old. Oh well it happens right?


Kenna is a huge Zelda fan so her cake was the Tri-force from the game. Don't know what that is? Me either. OH well! she was happy and it tasted GOOD! Each triangle was a different flavor combination . MMMMMM!

Pretty soon we are going to have to lock her up!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fair Time

Ahhhh the sound of carnival rides,the smell of funnel cakes, the sound of kids laughing, the smell of cow poop, sheep poop, pig poop, and don't forget the chicken poop!! That's right folks it is time for the Lincoln County Fair! YEEEEE HAAWWWW!

I have to admit I HATE the fair. It is dirty and over priced. I also feel violated every time I go over by the rides. The Carnies are NASTY!!! And it is not that I am the hottest thing to happen to them they stare and creep out everyone. GRRRRRROOSSSSS!
Anyhow.. Needless to say we still take the kids. They LOVE it and I love to see their smile!!

Emi loved the train, FAST ACTION AND ALL!

Emi and Millie. HOT BABES!! This is Emis first time at the fair that we can remember. Last year they "forgot" to reserve the rides so we just didn't even go.

Look at that face!!! "Come on grandma..... GIVE ME THE TICKETS!!!!" Parks was sooooo funny!

"Can we ride the zipper just one more time PLEEEEEASE!!!" Kenna is a mad woman. (like Mom)

This was our favorite pig at the fair!! NICE TUTU!!! I some how managed to only spend $30 dollars at the fair this year!! That is AMAZING!!! We had a good time and I am glad it is over!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Call Family Farm

We have started our family farm...... It is slow and we are taking baby steps, but exciting non the less. Our first acquisition...
4 baby ducks!!
Afflac, Barbie, Buddy, & Pistachio.
They are very cute and surprisingly fun. Thanks to my sister in law Joyce, the animal lover she is, got them for us. The kids are in heaven, especially Kenna.

Kenna and Pistachio. We were worried about the ducks with Pepper, our dog, she is part English Springer Spaniel and LOVES birds. She chases them all day long. Pistachio at 2 weeks old bit Peppers nose and that was that. Pepper steers clear, she is still curious but keeps her distance.

The little one in my shadow is Buddy. He is the smallest one and very gentle. He hurt his foot and has a limp. Parker has attached himself to Buddy and is nursing him back to health. So far so good. Buddy seems to be doing better every day.
Emily named Barbie. (surprise)
And we named Afflac in honor of my dad!! LOVE YOU!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Rainbow Connection!!

Sooooo.... A few weeks ago my mom was here with T.J.'s kids. It had been raining for about 4 weeks on and off. On this particular day there was a rainbow in our back yard. It was perfect. When we walked out our back door it was from one end of our property to the other. It was AMAZING!!!
I LOVE rainbows they make me happy! I feel sooo comforted when I see them.
You can also see the rock work we have been doing... It is taking FOREVER!!!!!! And I have a lawn coming in! YAY!!!